Art x Resist

I am thrilled to be participating in Art x Resist, a project created by Anna Beeke in response to Trump’s election and the current volatile political climate .  All prints available on the site are only $30 (!) and ALL proceeds go to the artist’s charity of choice. Proceeds from my submission will go to NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council).

Geo Necro at ADA Gallery

I have a couple of pieces in Geo Necro, opening at ADA Gallery in Virginia on May 6.  The show brings together two of my greatest loves: art and Dungeons and Dragons, and is curated by two of my favorite artists, Casey Jex Smith and Ryan Browning. So I am very excited to be a part of it.  Full Tumblr of all works included at and more info at

Geo Necro is a contemporary art exhibition that explores themes of fantasy, magic, and the performative transcendence of role-playing games. The exhibition is an expansive collaborative project that brings artworks by 86 national and international contemporary artists together to create a fantastic, collectively imagined dungeon – a fictional lair replete with anomalous architecture, labyrinthine corridors, inhuman inhabitants, treasures, magic, cryptic horror, allies, and foes. These artists were invited to representing things found in the halls and catacombs of Geo-Necro, resulting in a collection of 150 small artworks. In conjunction with the exhibition, these artworks have been compiled into a cohesive exquisite corpse of a publication similar to an adventure module from the classic fantasy role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Annotated with fantastic historical narrative and simulated statistics and data, this publication transmutes the exhibited artworks into a playable setting for an RPG, and consists of a box set including a 40-page zine, a deck of 153 unique cards, a pencil, and a 20-sided die. Edition of 200. The exhibition will feature the original art, the publication, a marathon playing of the module in the gallery by artists, and an accompanying performance by Casey Jex Smith.

Hand of Dragonne, 2016

Dream of Dragonne, 2016

New Year, New Job


I’m thrilled to officially be joining the amazing Mara Hoffman design team in the role of Assistant Designer, after working part time for the company since June. I won’t be posting here much anymore but you can check out to see what I’ve been up to. Happy New Year!


DDB Across the Archives: A Collaboration with Pierre Frey and Patrick Mele

I’ve spent the last few months working on a collaboration with French design house Pierre Frey as a part of “DDB Across the Archives”, a project celebrating the 50th anniversary of the D&D Building.  With the guidance of interior designer Patrick Mele,  my classmate Lucas Harbers and I have incorporated classic designs from the Pierre Frey archives into original prints such as the one above.  We will be presenting the finished project tomorrow afternoon.  I am very proud to have been invited to be involved and hope you will come by and say hi between 4 and 5 pm.  The Pierre Frey Showroom is located at 979 3rd Ave on the 16th floor.


DIY Frame Loom


Repurposed an old screen printing frame to create a loom – ripped out the mesh and hammered in some nails. So far I love the chevron effect from the warp, a beautiful space dyed linen I bought in Scottsdale, AZ.




A few more process shots…

Designing a Liberty floral print with an additional weighed in colorway (bottom left), in which the palette has the same value as the original, and a color change with an added screen for a different season.

Selecting yarns for a new woven project.

Trying out a new technique on a woven fresh off the loom. I may have gotten carried away with the dye.